Effective management of your medical business.

About us / About Company

Having many years of experience in medical business and guided by the vision of a better healthcare market in Poland we formed a team of experts – FORMEDIS – that aims at improving medical activity within the country.

With more than 20 years of knowledge and experience in the polish healthcare market we build and manage medical departments providing everyone with constant and professional counselling.

Our offer is directed both to private and to public institutions. We work on new projects which demand organizing a structure, building a brand image and designing an entire medical business from the scratch. At the same time we manage investments which have already appeared on healthcare market. We work out a development strategy and finance the growth. We restructure, commercialize and privatize public healthcare institutions.

The key to our operation is assuming responsibility for a part of duties which are not directly connected with skills and experience of doctors who run their own medical businesses. Thus, we enable doctors to fulfil their vocations and treat their patients effectively.

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